Industrial applications

From needs come solutions. From solutions come industrial applications.
With this approach we have patented some of the solutions we have developed for our laboratories.

Clean Rooms with controlled athmosphere

Stark specializes in the design and construction of clean rooms and innovative modular structures for clean rooms, such as depyrogenation tunnels, within which it is possible to carry out the depyrogenation and packaging of Medical Devices even within controlled atmosphere areas
(ISO 5)

• Certified quality and guarantee.
• Customized studies for the creation of complex and high quality clean rooms, equipped with integrated automatic or manual sanitization systems.
• Thermal cycle for the reduction of pyrogens.

Sanitizers by atomization

Stark has designed and developed sanitizers for the atomization of a non-corrosive disinfectant solution, harmless for people and pets but effective against viruses and bacteria, active against Coronavirus. These devices are automatic and are created for the disinfection and sanitization of Bio-Hazard environments but can be applied to any work environment: from the clean room to the operating room, from the farm’s office to the doctor’s office, from the gym to the hairdresser, from the supermarket to airport spaces, from ambulance to bus.

The common denominator is the certified sanitization obtained with a liquid that atomized multiplies its disinfectant power by 200 times. The atomization creates non-corrosive disinfectant droplets of the order of the micron that penetrate into any crevice, in the drawers, between the textures of the fabrics, creating a real three-dimensional sanitization.

Stark has created a unique method to certify the successful sanitization with special chemo-colorimetric sensors that change color when the concentration of the disinfectant has reached every corner of the environment to be sanitized. The printing of a receipt with date, time, signature of the operator, time of sanitization, label with colorimetric change of sanitization, certifies the procedure.

This device is the ideal tool for companies dealing with sanitation.

Stark Disinfection Device, applies a disinfectant dry fogging technology to disinfect the air and surfaces in a closed room with a technology requiring less aeration time.

Stark disinfection devices are mobile or fixed stations.  Adopting unique atomization technology, quickly separate disinfectant molecules that with an irregular Brownian motion, prompting particles to quickly diffuse to the entire room. Due to the strong power of the disinfectant, it quickly attack the components of cells, including lipids, proteins, RNA and DNA, thereby achieving the inactivation of bacteria and virus.

Stark disinfection Device is able to generate hydrogen peroxide particles of 3 μm or less, that are carried in the air trough strong air convection technology. This makes the hydrogen peroxide molecules disperse quickly and evenly without dead angles. It has high penetrating and killing power on bacteria and viruses, and has no corrosion to the surfaces of the objects.

Color change sensors for sanitization

Stark produce original adhesive sensors that can be displayed in the environment before sanitization process. This to certify the successful and complete sanitization after the atomization procedure. Stark has produce sensors that exploit the process of wet chemical analysis, that is a form of analytical chemistry that uses  colorimetry, to analyze elements and compounds in air, surfaces or wet samples.  Still the wet chemical analysis is an integral part of the modern analytical chemistry lab because proven and less expensive. Often, modern instrumentation cannot determine results which many specific wet chemical tests provide.